In every business there are trade-offs. Understanding product photography pricing, then deciding what you want to spend of your often limited budget can a difficult decision when you are just starting out. There is no magic formula and tactics that work for one business might not work for you, and vice versa.

It would be great if there was a clear definition of how much product photography is worth and how much you should spend on it. The truth is that the decision is subjective and all about what resources you have, what your goals are and ultimately what will help you best sell your products.

Let us take a closer look at the considerations around product photography pricing to help make your decisions easier. Here is what we have found:

  1. We know that product photos are important, but just how important are they? The main takeaway was that over 75% of respondents rated product photos as very influential when they are deciding whether they want to buy a product online.
  2. 76% of product photos are on white backgrounds. Let’s call this the “Amazon effect.” That means if you are looking to build a unique brand, there’s room to use bright colors, prints, or lifestyle settings to help display your products in an attractive and exciting setting. Just remember, if you want to sell on marketplaces, white is unavoidable. If you are getting creative, do not forget number 2 on this list.
  3. Visual content is more than 40 times likely to get shared across social media than other content. If you want your product to go viral (for the right reasons…) quality photos are key. People emotionally react to visual cues.

So, product photography is important! But what type of photos should you invest in? We have broken down the different types of images to help you understand what is best for your business, how to make your products stand out from the crowd and ultimately help drive sales.